Translation into Chinese

Your text will be translated into/from Chinese in Kanton Aargauby university-educated, native, expert translators only. You will receive a translation into Chinese exactly corresponding to your translations adapted to your target group.

What do we translate into/from Chinese?

Translations Center Leikin translates the following documents into/from Chinese:
Correspondence, certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, resumes, passports, degrees, deeds, driver’s licenses, certifications, confirmations, contracts, notarizations, apostilles, assembly instructions, installation instructions, manuals, repair manuals and other documents
Recent examples of our translations into Chinese:

  • Birth certificates, driver’s licenses, certificates, confirmations, contracts
  • Family identification
  • Responsibilities and duties of operations management personnel
  • Installation instructions for direct connections between power transformers and gas-insulated, metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS)
  • Website for a UK company
  • Assembly, operation and maintenance instructions
  • Operating manual / gas-insulated switchgear ELK
  • Assembly instructions for SmartDrive System.

Translation with a focus on the Chinese language.

Our clients are established mainly in Switzerland, Europe and North America. We meet our clients’ needs by performing tailor-made work thanks to our specialised translators.

Over 1,000 customers  have chosen our pricing and services for excellent value translations.

Our translators are duly tested and translate exclusively into their mother tongue. They are supervised by senior proofreaders and are specialised in fieldsLegalFinanceTechnicalITCommunicationHealthLuxury and International Organisations.

According to XOVI statistics, the most-requested translations in Switzerland in januar 2018: translation into Chinese.

Our mission is to build bridges between China and Switzerland.
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