Economy translation

Our translation centre has been supplying customers with economy translation to their greatest satisfaction.
We offer rapid, reliable and pinpointed translations that meet your specific requests.

What economy translations actually need to precisely communicate the content…

A specialised translation is more than simply translating words into another language. Particularly the economy sector consists of many subtleties and details that play an important part in the conveyance of the text’s content into the target language.

The basic understanding of economy terminology is essential for translations. This can only be ensured if the specialist translator is not only familiar with the meaning of the terminology or context, but also is knowledgeable in the subject matters and concepts of this sector.

Übersetzungscenter Leikin’s philosophy for selecting qualified specialist translators not only involves the translator’s language ability, but also their professional and work experience. Result: high-quality translations that convey the core meaning of the original text and fully illustrate them in the target language text.

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