Translation for marketing and distributation

Translations of advertisements, presentations, newsletters and catalogs are delivered quickly. Quality guaranteed. Fair price.
International and intercultural communication is becoming increasingly important for companies of all sizes. Large multinational companies need to translate internal and external documents for their branches, and many medium-sized and even small companies have expanded into international markets and need to translate many of their documentation. The global market presents new challenges: In the face of fierce competition, you need to effectively promote your products and services to reach an international audience. Every foreign market has both different economic and socio-cultural characteristics. Therefore, it is important to convey your translations of marketing and communications texts.

We offer translations of marketing and distribution of the following documents:

Translations of operating instructions
Translations of article descriptions
Translations of product descriptions
Translations of content pages for online shops
Translations of catalogs
How to do it
Translations of infographics
Translations of manuals
Translations of assembly instructions
Translations of training materials
Translations of descriptions
Translations of presentations
Translations of offers
Translations of brochures
Translations of newsletters
Translations of websites
Translations of flyers
And much more!

All translations of marketing, advertising and communication texts that relate to the external impact of your business should be carefully selected, reviewed and translated. Our expert translators have years of experience in translating all documents related to item data, marketing and copywriting, as well as publications used by your distributor.

Leikin Translation Center has 20 years of experience in the corporate and marketing industries and can help you to successfully meet your communication needs.

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