Translation of Homepage and Blogs

Translating websites and blogs is currently a least costly way to reach international markets.

Translations into all common languages. Your documents, texts, websites documents and manuals will be translated as fast as you need them, quality guaranteed. The translations will be done by a native speaker in our translation office and will be proofread in our quality center by another translator E-Mail: Tel. +41 56 427 27 15

The translation of webpages is one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach international markets today. Although it is true that English, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish are the most common second languages in Europe and that many people in other countries are able to read and understand them, cultural differences, however, may lead to misunderstandings that might warp the conveyed idea. Besides, customers feel more at ease if they have the possibility to communicate with the service providers in their own native tongue when requesting translations. Just think about how comfortable you will feel!
Partial or full translations of webpages.

Many companies are already taking advantage of partial or full translation of their webpages. Although we advise a full translation of your webpage, you can naturally request that only the most important sections of your webpages, highlighting international offers, are translated. It may very well be that the decision to solely translate the essential pages is the alternative solution that suits you best.




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